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Installation, programming, equipment supply, commissioning and commissioning of building automation systems (BAS):

  • Automation systems for HVAC.
  • Pressure control systems, relative humidity and temperature for pharmaceutical production and clean room.
  • Integration of electrical substations for monitoring.
  • Monitoring and control systems of sewage, gray water, water treatment plants.
  • Monitoring and control systems for oil-free compressed air (OFA).
  • Monitoring and control of Uninterruptible power systems (UPS).
  • Monitoring and control of power plants and pumped storage systems of diesel.
  • Review and commissioning of existing projects.
  • Lighting control and leftovers.
  • Energy monitoring and analysis of critical equipment.
  • Updates existing systems.
  • Monitoring of escalators and lifts through the BAS stairs.
  • Monitoring systems and custom control according to customer needs.